Tons of good readings on your way! Take some time, sit on a cozy chair and deep dive in the exciting world of activism with some of the largest external resource databases below.


These resources are libraries in their own right. So don't expect to absorb it all at first, just remember to review, come back, and always be learning.
350.orgA cutting edge collection of tools to help you share knowledge, build relationships and lead effective workshops. If you are wondering how you will host your next meeting, or what process you should facilitate within your team this library is for you.
The Commons LibraryIncludes 1000+ educational resources in a range of formats. Topics include campaign strategy, community organizing, working effectively in groups, justice and diversity, creative activism, and much more. 
You can browse by topics, formats and collections and choose to listen, watch or read.
Beautiful TroubleA book, web toolbox and international network of artist-activist trainers whose mission is to make grassroots movements more creative and more effective. It is an extraordinary collection of stories, insights and principles to inspire your next creative action.
The Activist HandbookConsists of 450+ guides and 4.7K external resources to help you make more impact with your next campaign. Learn how to become an activist, plan a political campaign strategy, and start a grassroots movement – all while not burning out.

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