About Us

Empowering activists to push for change has never been more important. This community of grassroots activists and other campaigning experts exists to share tools, training and inspiring stories for changemakers all over the world.

In these times, effective digital campaigning is particularly crucial. Covid-proofing in-person protests and non-violent direct actions is also essential. Here, you can learn to build a movement strategically – and create a network which can keep on growing, for example by training online trainers.

Whether you’re an activist who’s fought injustice or climate breakdown for decades, a young member of a grassroots group, or even a changemaker working alone – this community has something to offer you.

The resources on this site are free and open for use by anyone who needs them to fight for what’s right. Tools and toolkits are available for anyone to learn the basics of grassroots activism – including digital campaigning and non-violent direct action. You can find inspiring stories from powerful movements built within this network across these pages, as well as details about webinars and other training events. These are also published in the monthly bulletin – so sign up using the form below and be sure not to miss out.

Through these events, toolkits and stories, anyone – from brand new activists to experts, in Europe and worldwide – can gather virtually to share their knowledge, skills, hope and fresh ideas.

The Movement Hub empowers anyone fighting for positive change in the world – by providing a platform for learning and sharing stories, tools and techniques.

This is one place we can come together to fight for a just world – a world free from the systems of oppression causing climate change and social injustice.

History of The Movement Hub

The Movement Hub (previously called European Changemakers) was founded in 2018 from within Greenpeace and Civil Rights Defenders to bring together European activists working on fundamental human rights and climate justice.

The first major event saw 200 activists gather for five days learning about all aspects of campaigning, including campaign strategy and communications, how to take non-violent direct action, artivism, kayativism and climbing from grassroots trainers.

The Movement Hub is now part of a wide universe of changemaking coalitions. The project works with and supports a wide range of groups and networks, including By 2020 We Rise Up – a platform for around 60 climate justice groups. Since the first camp in 2018, activists have worked with a wide range of groups of campaign trainers and countless small groups across Europe.

Now, we are a growing community of grassroots climate and social justice activists, increasingly focused on digital tools and training for a post-Covid world. This multi-language website provides wider access to tools, techniques and expert training for activists across Europe and beyond.

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The best way to be notified about events coming up, new tools and tricks of the activist trade is to subscribe to our monthly bulletin here. We’ll also be featuring inspiring stories from The Movement Hub network in this update, so you can find out who’s working on what – and what’s working in their struggle for social and environmental justice.