Thinking of doing something a little risky? But want to do so safely? Managing risks lets us escalate whilst taking care of our collectives. Read the below tips and resource on risk management in actions.


Whilst concerns for security and the like often require only a few people know the action details, true risk management is best done collectively.

Risks are something we face all the time in action organising. Taking them seriously helps us escalate our actions whilst keeping people safe.

A general process to consider risks in actions could look like this:

  1. Create a list of possible risks that could happen.
  2. Estimate their likelihood and their potential consequences, use this to approximate the risk.
  3. Consider what kinds of things can be done to mitigate the likelihood and consequence of risks.
  4. Make collective decisions about what risks your activists are comfortable taking on with mitigations. Consensus is key!

For more detail on this process, the kinds of things to look out for, and tips on running a risk management procedure, read or download the guide made by The Movement Hub in collaboration with Karianne Opgård Andersen, Greenpeace.

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