On the way of fighting for the wellbeing of the planet we need to take care of ourselves, communities and spaces in which we recharge and thrive. This section highlights some resources to help you to dive in your soul and work. You are not alone.


Keep in mind that the struggle for environmental and social justice is one that occurs across lifetimes - taking care of yourself is a key part of this.
Activist Trauma SupportFormed in 2004 in the UK, due to a recognition of the potential for people involved in political activism to have distressing or traumatic experiences. The group and the site is not active anymore but the archive is valuable and it can be used by people experiencing and/or witnessing any degree of post-traumatic stress and burnout in an activist context, or anyone who may be concerned about someone else and seeking ways to understand and support them.
Climate & MindExplore how climate change impacts our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Lots of resources on psychology, mental health and climate communication at one place.

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