Feel like you're inundated with messages and chats about organising projects? Sick of unmoderated and dead action chats? Think you use too many Zoom meetings? Use this resource to explore the ins and outs of organising digital spaces.


The balance of online spaces versus offline activity has become imbalanced in recent years. Whilst digital spaces are crucial, don't be afraid of the need to reduce chats/apps/platforms to focus activism.

Digital organising is the use of digital spaces and communication to build collective power.

When many places discuss digital organising, they actually mean putting on digital actions (tweeting at the same time, spamming a mailing list, etc). What this resource focuses on is how groups use digital spaces and comms to build their capacity and develop their power.

Why does digital organising matter? Because in a world that increasingly sees activists meet, communicate, and mobilise using digital spaces, poor digital organising can undermine the strength of groups. It can lead to burnout and confusion – when there are too many messages, over too many chats – it can also be a security risk – where action information becomes too accessible.

The below exercise on digital organising provides guiding questions to reflect on your group’s use of digital spaces in organising. It asks who you want to organise, how you reach them, what you want them to do, how they can fully develop relationships, and who would try and stop this process. By thinking through digital organising with these questions, it becomes far easier to systematically think through the relation between offline and online spaces.

To do the exercise, use or download the below pdf.

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