Legally Green – Activist Lawyer Support


24th November, Thursday - 24th November, Thursday


November 24th, 6-8:30PM CET, ONLINE

The effects of the climate crisis are getting worse and the people in power are only making excuses, instead of acting. Many movements are thus engaging in more and more actions to disrupt the status quo and help transition to a just society. With actions come repression – be it from the police or the companies we are targeting. Legal knowledge and preparedness of our groups is becoming ever more important.

But how do different grassroots legal groups organise? What strategies do they implement and how successful are they? How to develop good relationships with advocates and how to get funding for them?

We realise each country has different sets of laws and precedents, but we believe in the value of international connections and possible cooperations.

The first session will mostly focus on networking, mapping the legal capacities around Europe and discussing internal structures. This is a get together, not a lecture.

Additional topics can be added via registration form. More sessions to follow over next year!

We want to create a space in which legal practitioners who work for/with climate collectives can come together. A place where they can ask questions, discuss but most importantly share with their peers the way in which they are able to sustainably offer their services to the climate movement as a whole. 

We realize that each country has its own, different set of laws and precedents, however we think that the ways in which we can successfully organize can transcend national borders. We also believe that success stories can serve as an excellent motivation for people elsewhere.

For this reason, we are organizing an online event, in which people will get to share and connect with others from all around Europe.

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Harry Holmes

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