Breaking the Barrier (IT)

Transnational Meeting of the Transnational Social Strike Platform

For the past year and a half, the war in Ukraine and its widespread consequences have impacted the spaces and possibilities of political organizing. In the wake of pandemic, a global crisis in social reproduction, and the escalating effects of the climate crisis, the consequences of war politics at a world scale are now being felt in the lives of migrants, workers, women and LGBTQI+ people well beyond the war zones. While fostering nationalism, the war highlights the prominence of what happens across borders. To resist and refuse the politics of war, we need to build a common horizon and face the question of what it means to organize transnationally. For these reasons, after the meetings in Sofia and Frankfurt, we call to meet again in Bologna on the 27-29 October.

Breaking the Barrier. TSS Meeting in Bologna


Oct 27 - 29 2023


All Day

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Bologna, Italy


Transnational Social Strike Platform

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